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Mail Call!

Finally! My ordering several things from several places online is paying off. I love ordering things. Mostly because of the mail part. You never know when you're going to get it, and when you do, you're excited because it's exactly what you wanted! Sure, you paid for it, but that was such a long time ago. Any ways, when I ordered things, I ordered for two main purposes. 1) Mermaid costume 2) Grimm supplies.

This week I received... 

My mermaid wig from Girlshowhair on Etsy. I'm really happy with it. The colours went perfectly with the palette that I'm planning for the outfit/costume, and just struck me as exceptionally mermaid-ish. I think it's the combination of ocean colours and bleach-blonde. I picture a mermaid reclining on a beach, her sea-stained locks becoming bleached as they dry in the warm sun. The wig is a really nice weight. It's synthetic, but as far as synthetic wigs I've worn and used, this one is a lot better quality. I do need to learn how to brush it (and what to brush it with) to smooth is out a bit, but the wig itself is fantastic. 

I don't know why or when I fell in such loves with mermaids. It just combines so many things that I love. Or, at least mermaids are present is a lot of things that I love. Then again, I'm actually a mermaid. Which is why I like water so much.

Next, I received some supplies. My order from Spoonflower is fantastic. The fabric came out a little bit more orange than I intended, but in reality (i.e. not in a photograph) it's a nice subtle rusty colour, so I'm quite satisfied. This way I just know for next time... and know that it might be a good idea to order the colour swatch thing that they offer. It would probably pay off, since I'm almost guaranteed to order again. I also received my chain mail and scale mail rings and scales from Ring Lord. I'm quite pleased. I've already started crafting and working towards making some scale mail for my Elven mage/aristocrat costume. I think I need to find a better pattern, but I think I'll keep working at it until the piece is as big as I want it, and then decide if the scales lay the way I want. I'm so excited for everything!

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