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Was two blogs enough? NO! Of course not. Why try to accomplish with two blogs, what I can do with three? As I am trying to make Grimm Fabrications as web-present as humanly possible, I started a blog strictly for Grimm Fabrications. It's so pretty. I'm delighted with it. The photo on the home page was taken by and photographed by Of Storms Creative Studios. If I could get her to photograph all of my stuff, I totally would. She's such an amazing person, and I love her style. Naturally, because I love everything about her, I am going to tell as many people as possible about her and her photography. Of Storms! Of Storms! So beautiful.

You can visit this new blog here. Don't fear, I will still be posting on my other two blogs (including this one). What can I say? I just like to have lots going on. At least blog wise... I guess I just enjoy blogging... but I don't like mixing too many things together into one singular blog. Y'know. 

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