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The little things

Recently, I find that the little things exhilarate me. They offer bouts of joy, and just please me. For example, they few little household things.

Irish Springs soap. A hugely nostalgic scent. It makes me think of when my family lived in the mountains. I'm pretty sure that for the longest time, it was the only soap that my dad used. I seem to remember it being in the small downstairs bathroom, too. It's such a fresh scent, and it just makes me feel happy.

Wheat Thins. Better than chips. I just enjoy them.

A hot cup of tea. For the past few days, I've stopped using tea pots to make tea. Which is hugely sacrilegious. Still, because of a shortage of good, black, loose leaf tea, I can't get my tea as strong as I'd like. So instead, I take a big ol' mug, throw in a tea bag of double bergamont Earl Grey, add a lot of milk, and sip away. I find that it's almost more satisfying, because it's really strong, really hot, and it makes for perfect tea. At least, in my world. I know a lot of people who would bash me over the head with a saucer for expressing this. Don't get me wrong; my favourite tea is still black tea made in a tea pot... But... sometimes hot tea is the best tea. And straight from the kettle works quite well for that. 

Driving at night, with the window down. Ah, joy. Warm nights, soft breeze, lovely music. It's a temporary moment of bliss.

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