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And then there were two

Last night I said good bye to one of my mice. Gin passed away. It didn't come as a huge surprise, because she hadn't been doing well. Her actions made me think of when my cat Nala died in sixth grade. Lethargic, having some good days, but for the most part, something obviously wrong. I tried to make her as comfortable as I could, and I'm happy that I was able to hold her for a while before she died. We had a viking funeral for her, and we'll probably scatter the remains today. That, or bury them under the snow in the garden, and let it disintegrate even more. 

It's strange. I'm sad, but I'm definitely not as heart-broken as I have been with the deaths of other beloved creatures. Then again, I suppose it does speak for the bond between us. There was a bond, but not to the same extent as any of the dogs I've ever said good bye to. Also, with Gin being the first to go, it isn't a huge surprise. She was never as healthy as the other two. Still, she was my little nesting princess, and I'll miss her. Particularly while the other two are around. I just wasn't ready to start thinking about mouse deaths yet. I wasn't really prepared to start thinking about it until at least April. Ah well. Everyone has their time. 

Now I have to start thinking about whether or not I want to get another mouse to keep the other two company. I'm not sure that I will. I don't really want to make it into an endless cycle of mice, and by the time I would be ready to get another one, the other two would probably be ready to kick it. Such is the circle of life... But now there are two, and it's strange because I'm not sure that I was fully ready for it. Poor Gin. R.I.P. I'm just glad that I saved her from a fate of being snake food.


  1. My deepest condolences. At least she experienced a western Christmas.

    1. Thank you. She had many events that attributed to a good life; including a lovely western Christmas.