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What will I be working on over the next couple of months? A few things. A lot of cosplay. I'm going to be making at least two lovely costumes, maybe more. Here's the plans thus far.

Elven Aristocrat
This will involve lots of whites and blues, and watery looking silks and satin. A simple silver circlet, and a nice long cloak. A long dress, with lots of pleats. And, the piece de resistance, a breast piece made of chain and clear scale mail. I'm hoping that it will be beautiful. It should be. A lot of work  is going to be put into it.

Steampunk Mermaid
I'm creating a character who is a mermaid in transition towards becoming a human. The costume will consist of mermaid scale leggings, a bustle skirt with a long tail (made of ribbons and tulle), a corset (with shell and pearl details), a net shawl (to look like a fisherman net), a collar/choker (embellished with similar details to the corset), a mermaid-y wig, and a few other small things. Also, because it's a mermaid out of water, there will be a water respirator (because how else will she breathe on land?), and maybe some water-filled goggles. Kind of Abe Sapien-ish, but not quite. I think it's going to be cool.

These are the things I'll be working on for the next few months, along with a few other things. All Grimm Fabrications stuff. Because... yes. I need to. I want to. And it's going to be amazing.

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