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Wishy Washy

On occasion, I wander around online shops. It's kind of like window shopping, but it takes way more dedication to actually buy something. Therefore, also safer on the wallet. I mean, who wants to pay for shipping? Not I. However, here are a few of my favourite things. A wish list, I suppose you could call it. They're also just a lot of my favourite brands, and things that I have been gazing wistfully at for a while. 

Unif Salem boots from DollsKill (also available on UNIF and NastyGal)

Lip Service Cathedral Pentagram Tights from DollsKill

Unfinished Business Skirt from Wasteland

Camille Gypsy Jacket from Gypsy Warrior

Jeffrey Campbell Draco boot from NastyGal

Yeah... I spend a lot of time looking at shoes. I like elaborate shoes. Like Jeffrey Campbell and UNIF. I can't wait until there isn't any ice or puddles on the ground... Then I will return to wearing awesome shoes all the time!

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