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Rockabilly inspired thrift haul

A lovely Sunday, spent with lovely people. We went to Value Village, and I sought out some collared button-up shirts. I went on a rockabilly kick today, and realized that I don't have many rockabilly-ish clothing. By which not enough button up shirts that can be manipulated into looking pin-up inspired. I found a Cheap Monday shirt (it's so nice and soft... not to mention that $4 or $5 for Cheap Monday anything is an unbelievably good find!), a longer sleeveless floral blouse, and a cotton plaid shirt (from the men's section). I also found an amazingly decrepit and soft t-shirt. It's a shirt for some kind of auto thing. Something about motor cycles. 

Now, bonus. Glorious, beautiful, accidental discovery. 

It doesn't show up well on camera (and it's upside down), but this is a wonderful vintage Egyptian-inspired bracelet. I'm not sure how old it is, but it's really cool. I've always had a soft spot for Egyptian things, and I think it'll be a nice addition for any time that I do a 1920s inspired outfit or 1920s costume. They were crazy for Egyptian things. Then again, that's when they were making the biggest discoveries. The bracelet is a gold colour, with little blue stones (not sure if they're glass or what on earth they are), and linked sections. There is a pharaoh head, two sphinxes, and two sarcophagi with hieroglyphs. It's so neat, and it's so unique.  Definitely not part of the rockabilly theme, but it's still such a cool find.

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