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Not too long ago, I ordered a fantastic t-shirt. Normally I don't buy too many clothing pieces off of the internet, and I generally have to hum and  ha over it for days, until I forget about it and don't buy it at all. However, when I learned that Akumu Ink was going to cease printing my favourite design, I had to pounce on it and claim one for my own.

This is the mighty fine t-shirt, printed by Akumu Ink. Akumu means nightmare in Japanese, and because of this, many of their creative silkscreen designs are nightmarish images. I favourite ones are the Alice in Wonderland inspired ones, and of course, the Cheshire Cat caught my eye. Now... I have one! It is a fantastic shirt, and I would order many Akumu Ink t-shirts. The t-shirt is very comfortable, and the women's cut is perfect. I highly recommend the designs and the t-shirts to those who enjoy alternative designs and soft shirts. It would seem that some designs are only printed for a limited time, or a limited number of shirts.... So if you find one you like, get it fast! I don't think you'll regret it. For the record, their shirts are also available on Vampire Freak's shop (along with many other fun, gothic-type things).

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