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In case you haven't heard of SC Entertainment, your time is now. SC Entertainment is a group of independent film makers and musicians located in Calgary, Alberta. They create all kinds of neat music, zines, and loads of wonderful movies. My personal favourite is A Zebra For Sally, but a very close second is Beefart & Cheenkaw. 

Among the boldest characters ever created.
Beefart & Cheenkaw is a series, with the characters first being introduced in SC Entertainment's Bobo movies. Later, they made the first instalment of the Beefart & Cheenkaw. Last year, they followed it up with Beefart & Cheenkaw: The Curse of the Dimensions of Death (Fun fact: Yours truly is in that one). You can watch both films on SC Entertainment's YouTube channel

Now... Wait for it... 

They are in the process of making yet another Beefart & Cheenkaw movie! Since they want to make it as amazing and phenomenal as humanly possible, they need money. They have started a campaign on Indie Go Go. If you contribute, you will receive any level of thank you gifts, ranging from credit on the film to having one of SC Entertainment's bands come to your house and play for you. Pretty cool, nes pas? You can find the link (and contribute, should you choose), right here. Any support is greatly appreciated. These folks are fantastic creators and artists. Watch their films, listen to their music, and enjoy! Let's make magic happen!

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