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Pretty Updo

When I make my hair pretty, I think of debutantes and southern bells and dancing in pretty 1800s dresses. Why, yes. I do live in a heavily romanticised world. However, I am not an 1800s southern belle, or anything of the sort. However, I am able to make my hair look pretty. And if I am ever invited to a fancy party or an event in which I have to look like a princess, I'm covered!


If only I had jewels and fancy dresses. Some day. I'm not sure how to explain how I did the above. I did a weird braiding technique that combines waterfall braids with my own creation (I think?). I fastened it with an elastic, but I should have used hairpins. I shall save that for a day when I am in a dress made of silks, and covered from head to toe in fancy jewels. Speaking of, have some extravagant jewels and dresses!

Christian Dior
Extravagant 18th century hairdo... My pretty hair is nothing compared to this.
That kind of went on a tangent. Apparently when I'm not a 19th century bell in pretty dresses, I'm an 18th century aristocrat. I just enjoy pretty and extravagant things. 

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