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Let them eat cake

Okay, I know that most of my posts recently have been about food and food related items or activities. However, this fine August morning, I have an excuse. Or at least, what I believe to be an excuse. This post also has  nothing to do with Marie Antoinette and whether or not she said 'let them eat cake'.

I'm uncertain as to whether or not this is from the movie, being that I never saw the movie  with Kirsten Dunst. However, I'm sure that based off of this image, we can know that Marie Antoinette didn't care about the starving. She just really liked cake.
Getting to the point. Recently (and for always, really), I have been obsessed with the appearance of cakes, making cake (and cupcakes), and anything involving cake, really. Especially cupcakes. Today, I had the breakfast of champions. Tea, a butterhorn, peaches, and cake. And more cake for lunch and tea time.

 I made some white cake for the first time, night before last. This means that I have brought myself one step closer to being the perfect 1950s housewife (according to my home-maker textbook/ etiquette book from the mid-to-late 1940s). The recipe I used is Simple White Cake, which was very good. For the cake above, I used basic butter icing, but I had also made Jello Icing, which was delicious. You can find it here.
And, of course, while wrapping up the cake to take to work, I decided to make a swan. A beak-less swan, but a swan nonetheless.

Remember, a day with cake is better than a day with no cake.

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