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Things That Make My Day

Just a quick list....


1. Getting Chinese baking
Photo credit: DELICIOUS.
I have been going to a slight withdrawal, in relation to my typical consumption of Chinese baking. I get it from the Lambda Oriental Market on Centre Street, in Calgary. They make the best BBQ pork buns in the city. I base this off of an actual study, in which I tried as many available pork buns as I could find, and yes. Theirs are the absolute best.

2. Finding a leopard/cheetah print hoodie (with EARS!)
For a while, I have been coveting leopard print hoodies, especially those with ears. Ones that look like this:
Photo credit: Attitude Clothing Co.
I generally avoid buying clothing online, unless I am extremely desperate for something, or I know it will fit me (like t-shirts). Thus, I was delighted (no, exuberant) to find one at Stitches for only $20. Fantastic? Oh, yes. And no shipping costs!

3. Remembering that I now own Sourpuss oven mitts!
I bought these beauties from Blame Betty, on 17th Ave. in Calgary. I've been drooling over this print for a while, and desperately wanted a skirt with the same design. However, they had an oven mitt/pad set, and since I love to bake... what better way? I adore it.

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