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Carpe'd My Diem

Carpe Diem. Write that down in your copy books.

For those of you who have not witnessed Dead Poets Society or are unfamiliar with Latin phrases, Carpe diem means 'seize the day'. It is a good phrase to live by, and can be inspiring and motivational, while possibly giving you a better view on life. For those of you who haven't seen Dead Poet's Society, I encourage you to watch it.

For those of you who have seen this film, please refrain from thinking of the sad parts. Just the 'carpe diem' parts. 

Today, I carpe'd the heck out of my diem. The situation was thus.

Imagine something like this. Only a bunch of them, mixing with swallows and sparrows.

There were all of these prairie chickens around the house we rent out. I've never seen that before, but there were probably twenty of them. I was driving past them, but they weren't flying away. instead, they were just running as fast as their little chicken feet could carry them (though they're perfectly capable of flying). At this point, I evaluated my situation. 1) I'd never seen this many prairie chickens in one place at once. 2) If I ran through them, it would both clear my path, and be like those scenes in movies where people are running to do something important, and they scatter a group of pigeons. or doves. Thus, after considering this, I realized that I would never again get the chance to run through a herd (?) of prairie chickens (or birds, for that matter, other than pigeons) as they take of flying. So that's what I did. I ran through the birds and caused them to fly away (for a brief distance). It may have ruined their day, but it totally made mine.

The end. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

First result when you type in 'exuberant' into Google images. Not necessarily 100% fitting to my cause, but I guess if I were a group of eight young adults on a beach, and I had just experienced what made me feel exuberant, I would be leaping in the same fashion. Despite the assumed battleship and UFO in the distance.

Side note: I think that cracked.com would be dazzled by my use of Google image search.

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