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Some food making successes from today...

Beef tenderloin! I've never successfully cooked beef before. Today, I got it to the proper time for cooking it, and so on. I attribute it a lot to using a recipe. Here's a link to the recipe for beef tenderloin that I used. I mostly used it as a guideline. I didn't really follow the recipe to the letter or anything, but the timing helped a lot. However, it didn't take nearly as long as it suggested it would... which was good, since our barbecue ran out of propane.

Cinnamon buns! I wanted to make cinnamon buns, but I didn't have the time or the energy to make the ones that actually rise. True, they are delicious and worth it, but easy and quick is good. The recipe is similar to a pie pastry or scone, but with the cinnamon parts and icing. They're quite small (at least for me they were), but they were very tasty, and definitely -GREAT- served warm! (as any baking is, of course). I chose to use a cream cheese icing for the glaze. I'm not sure how cream cheese-y it is, but whatever the case, it was a perfect late night snack on a rainy night. Here is the recipe for the quick cinnamon buns. Also, great news! No yeast!

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