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Sunday Morning

This is a perfect start to a morning. I am sitting at the vanity in my bedroom, applying eye liner and listening to BBC radio 6. The song playing is 'Sunday Morning' by The Velvet Underground. Times like this are perfect for me. Perfect settings where I feel like my life is something beautiful and could have a film based on it. Unless my life is a film, and that's why songs tend to follow me around and come on at the perfect time.

What's neat about BBC Radio 6 is it seems to fit in my life perfectly.. So long as I am listening to Steve Lamacq or something and Malconie. It's always such good music, and often music that I, myself, listen to.

Long story short, sitting at a vanity to do make up and prepare for my day makes me feel like some kind of aristocrat. Of course in my imagination it would. If I were in the 18th-19th centuries, people would be visiting me right now, and my servants would be giving me hot chocolate so I wouldn't pass out.

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