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Break time

Today is my day off. Inevitably, this means that I have to do even more work, but I can watch movies all day and I don't have to straighten my bangs. However, it might also mean that I don't eat any real meals until supper time, with the exception of casual "grazing" (snacking on any readily available items). One of my snacks today was home-made chocolate milk. You know, when you mix milk with chocolate syrup and it's delicious? Yeah, that.

At my house, we store everything in mason jars, regardless of whether or not it's an actual canned good. It's a good practice, really. No plastic, there's several sizes of jars, and if you need to microwave something, there are no major concerns! All around great.

Last week, I was without my rebellious water bottle, so I decided to utilize a medium-sized mason jar as a way of transporting my water to work. We have mugs and cups, but I do enjoy having a closed vessel which is absolutely and definitely mine. However, due to the nature of the appearance of a clear liquid in a mason jar, my co-workers poked fun at me, suggested that it looked like moonshine. Which, I guess it could. There is a certain hill-billy-esque air to the whole thing. Today, during my chocolate milk, I was reminded of this.

Yes. Drinking home-made chocolate milk out of a mason jar. Using a silly straw. Days off are great... Even if I am reminded of hill-billyism.

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