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Little Red

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in this month of August. The month is almost drawing to a close, and it seems that the summer is, as well. Due to the fact I am exhausted from staying up too late, I decided that it would be a good day for another adventure in the world of Etsy shops. I felt that it was time for another Red Riding Hood theme. However, this Red Riding Hood selection is a bit more subtle and not as blatant in his fairy tale roots. They are still there, yes, but I mostly chose items that focus on symbols and ideas from the story, rather than being a direct representation of. Though there are some of those in here, too.

Sprightly & Co.
Enjoy your last week of summer, everyone. I myself am looking forward to the fall. Except for the short days. I do enjoy the long stretches of daylight... You can get so much done!

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