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Almond something different

The title of this posts makes little to no sense.

Then again, neither does the post!

Today, I bought some almond milk to try something a bit different. I'd had almond milk at a friend's house before, and it's delicious. I think I prefer it over soy milk, and it goes quite well with tea. However, being me, I decided to draw the above. Naturally, the idea of almonds with tiny almond udders made perfect sense to me. I think the film adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events and a few other components had something to do with that. However, naturally, being me, I also now have mild issues with the idea of drinking nut and bean based milk. How weird is that? One mild anthropomorphizing (well... with a bit more cow) addition to a nut, and I see all these as tiny little bovine creatures.

And people wonder why I can't eat vegetables without feeling evil.

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