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Tattoo Thursday

Well... it is involving tattoos... and it is Thursday. Though, this isn't going to become a weekly occurrence or anything. This is just way too exciting for me and I couldn't wait to share a hint at it.

This is the second piece involved in my sideshow inspired series. This is a corset. And it is it decorated with temporary tattoos. It is actually more embellished now. I took the photos before I was finished. And, yes. I did give myself a cool cheesy tattoo. It is a black panther, reaching out of a rainbow, under a rose with wings. Explanation of the tattoo itself? No answer. However, I can say with confidence that the person who designed it was super awesome.

On the corset itself, all of the designs I chose have some reference to old tattooed women, through actual tattoos and symbols. This 'portrait' is a fictional tattooed woman, but she is based off of the beautiful women who covered themselves in ink to wear corsets and bloomers, and tell their tall tales of why they came to be blue-skinned from the needle ink.

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