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Once again, I am making restraints based off of 19th century restraints. My last art work revolved around 19th century serial killers, for a art work called 'Ring of Power'. Now I am creating pieces based off of 19th century sideshow and oddities. The (technically) second piece is going to be a momento, creating a narrative about an escape artist. At least, I hope to create a narrative of sorts. It will need a title to encourage someone to create a narrative within their own mind. 

However, the long story short is that this work is about an escape artist, who didn't escape. It is a momento, kept by a loved one, or someone who cared for this escape artist and wasn't prepared to let them go. 

I'm hoping to create a body of work, based off of the idea of sideshow and circus performers. It might be narratives about fictional lives, pieces inspired by sideshow performers and the things that made them "freaks", and so on. I've always been fascinated by the "freaks and geeks" of the 19th century. I'll probably do a few of these memento boxes about performers, like escape artists, blockheads, human pincushions, maybe a sword swallower, and the like. 

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