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Brush With Death

This evening, a friend of mine and I went to a Calgary magic show called 'A Brush With Death'. It's meant for a mature audience (like most magic shows), purely because of the fact it's a bit intense and involves a bit of blood. Not real blood. I hope.

Now, you might be asking 'Why is the gent on the right covered in blood?' and 'Are those actual stitches?' The answer to both of these questions are 'They are costumes, hastily put together when we recalled that it was supposed to be a costumed event.' It seems that not many people got the memo, though. We were the only two in any kind of make up, except for three 20 somethings in zombie make up.

I finally got to try out a mock (yet very successful) version of my stitches face, and my friend donned 1960s style clothing, with the intention of covering his face and hands in blood. We also blood splattered his white-grey tie, and the whole thing gave the illusion of some kind of very strange 1960s killer.

I'm strongly considering doing a type of 365 creativity-make-things-every-day challenge. Make up counts, right? Here are the details of the make up...

To be honest, I'm kind of impressed with myself. The make up was way better in person, and unfortunately I took both of the photos after the evening, so the make up had run and smudged quite a bit. I guess a better image would be this one (albeit the poor lighting):

Exciting, no? I guess technically this isn't my first extravagant make up I've done on myself (and it's not even that extravagant), but it's my favourite make up that I've done on myself. If I do this kind of make up for Hallowe'en like I'm intending to, I will probably do the stitches a bit farther up on my mouth, thus making the 'cuts' a bit longer. In my mind, the bigger a 'smile', the more menacing and strange.

Back to the magic show for a moment- I've never been to a stage performance magic show before, at least not that I know of. It was exciting and wonderful! I suggest that one should keep them in mind when looking for a good magic show, especially if you live in the Calgary area. It was whimsical, it was bizarre, it was thrilling. What more could one ask from a magic show? Especially one entitled 'A Brush With Death'?

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