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Halloween I

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls! It's this wonderful spooky time of year again, and I'm excited by the idea of celebrating. This is my favourite day of the year, second to Christmas. I like creepy and scary things, and I've always been a fan of ghosts and monsters. Not to mention a fan of chocolate and Halloween treats!

Today, I'll probably be posting a couple of times, since there's so many things to talk about! The first thing up that I made is the first Jack o' Lantern I've made for years! How great is that?

I'm quite proud of this. I bought a white pumpkin (because it was a lot smaller and I could carry it on the train), and carved it up. I think white pumpkins are tougher, because it was harder to clean out and carve. That or my tools just weren't perfectly suited to pumpkin carving. Whatever the case...

I decided to do a face based off of my Halloween costume: Stitches and big eyes. It's a little bit based off of Jack Skellington, but not directly. I decided to paint it black, so that when I carry it later while trick r' treating, it will be even spookier. (Yes, I'm going trick r' treating.) To make it easier to carry (though it is still a little bit heavy), I added a brass wire handle and wrapped it with black cloth so that it won't hurt my hands.  With my character/costume, it just feels fitting to have her carry a jack o' lantern.

Next up... My costume!

...After I hastily sew a collar and finish the sleeves. Oops.

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