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Blood of Christ

Given the circumstance, I don't believe that the title of this post is sacrilegious. The above photo is a photograph of a painting that I made in the span of a few minutes, using my blood and water that fell from my damp hair.

Long story short, I did a stupendously lousy job shaving my legs. Being me, I decided to not waste any of my lifeblood. Similar to other blood paintings I've done, this one is quite small, but unlike other blood paintings I've done, this one is completely separate from me in meaning. Not completely separate, since I was raised in a Catholic family and for the most part, the idea of religion is important to me. The main reason I chose to paint Christ is because it's has been an image that I've been drawing recently. This arose because of another project I'm doing involving tattooed ladies.

The painting is fairly abstract, and it definitely reminds me of how weird I am. At least I don't make a hobby of blood painting. It just seems like a good use of materials.

Here is a detail of the painting-

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