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Yesterday, a friend of mine needed to go to Value Village to get some props for a couple of short films that he's working on. Since it's Hallowe'en season, there were various interesting items, and being a thrift store, there were cool clothing pieces.

Result? Steampunk items! Who knew that "hippie" glasses plus a monocle clip on with a satin top hat would equal instant steampunk? (Answer: I did) I also got my hands on some great Victorian-esque tops (a black satin-y shirt with lots of cloth covered buttons and a mandarin collar, and a cute cream corset-esque tank top, which also had lots of cloth covered buttons).

Today I will likely be creating many steampunk things, since the mood is definitely striking me. I've realized that I like steampunk because when I dress in the style, I'm really comfortable with myself and all around terribly happy. I was probably born in the wrong time period... Or the absolute right one, since steampunk exists.

And what other times can you exclaim 'That train is not powered by steam!?' Or quote A Christmas Carol because you're wearing a top hat and it's snowing?

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