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Mournful Inspiration

For a few of my projects, I'm riffing off of Victorian mourning art (such as jewellery and clothing), while putting my own spin on things. A major part of this at the moment is working with hair. As aforementioned, I believe.

The above image is a detail of this work-

It is inspired by Victorian embroidery, and influenced by the idea of growth. Growth as in emotional growth, as well as physical growth. In this case... the growth of hair. It is also influenced by the concept of change, and how there is always change, even if it's just slight and gradual change. The text says 'Everyday I'm different than how I was before'. One thing I've noticed about most of my embroidery pieces is that they tend to be extremely autobiographical, and tend to include text. Usually not satin stitch like this one, though. Boy, that took forever.

On a whim, as part of a break, I decided to make these two pairs of earrings. They're based off of mourning jewellery and the use of jet, but with my own Gothic twist on things. As little of a twist as it is...

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