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I probably had something more interesting to talk about, but instead, I'm going to tell you about mail.

I often get delightful mail. This week, my lovely mother sent me some faux fur, postcards, a fashion magazine and beautiful mallard feathers. Such fun and wonderful things. I also received my package of 18 atlas bones, a fox tail, and a crystal fox tail. Oh, me and my dead things. A friend of mine recently referred to me as one of the most carnivorous people he knew. The reason for this was my valour for eating meat, and the fact I often have some kind of another animal's fur on my person. This is a fair point.

However. I will state that I'm not that carnivorous or blood thirsty or anything. I would never be able to kill an animal, and I try to only make use of recycled fur and natural death specimens (i.e. ones that died of natural causes, and not from hunting). I think that there's a good balance for everything, and part of our responsibility as higher beings is help maintain that balance. In the same breath, this is why I do not support P.E.T.A., and I strongly question those who do.

Long story short... Yes, I like dead things and making use of the things that those things have left behind. I just wouldn't kill for it.

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