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Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone! I know, Thanksgiving is technically past, but we can be thankful all the time, can't we? At the moment, I'm very thankful for my wonderful family, and the talents I have that allow me to be busy all of the time, making interesting things!

Right now, my main focus art-wise is on hair. I've been embroidering with hair, utilizing Victorian aesthetics and styles. Besides that, I'm doing the usual cacophony of wearable things, plus some new things. For many of the new things, I'm waiting for supplies before I can start, but once I get those supplies... Off I go!

Here are some exciting things...

This is a lock of my own hair, next to some antique photos. My mother helped me cut and shave off part of my hair, so that I would have longer pieces to try Victorian hair art techniques with. I'm looking forward to trying some of the techniques and styles, and seeing what will come out of that.

Cat skull in a bell jar with some fake tea lights. Because... why not? It looks neat! And spooky...

Victorian tin type photographs! Next to a bunch of fur. Tin type photographs are incredible. It never occurred to me or sank in that tin type photos are actually images on tin and metal. Fitting name in that case, isn't it? Leave it to me to not figure that out (then again, I can't even follow a four step cake recipe on a box, so who knows!).

Now it's time to continue eating some pumpkin pie, drinking tea, and work work work. While also watching horror movies, apparently. Tis the season!

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