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A couple of weeks ago, this marvellous photographer I know was having a 'blow out' to get a chance to use some new gear. I leaped at the opportunity, since it was a great chance to get professional photographs of some of my hoods and other items. A friend of mine came along to help model them, and the results of all of the photographs... Amazing!

She did a couple of edits to the photographs (like the one above), which made them so beautiful and definitely added a Grimm quality. Since both of us were wearing white contact lenses, she was able to colour the eyes. In the above case... Red! Which is, in my opinion, excellent.

So, who is this wonderful photographer? Madigan Of Storms, of Of Storms Creative Studios. She does all of the photography, along with several other projects. I heard of her when I was at the Calgary Horror Convention, and she was taking photos of convention go-ers with these cool decked-out models.

Pretty cool, huh? Her style is really simple, but it's one of the most effective styles I've seen. I'm so happy that I have some photographs this good to feature in my Etsy shop! Here's another one of other the photos, though. Just because I'm so terribly happy with them!!

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