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Monday #2

Today was a day when I woke up feeling incredibly out of sorts. This has happened two days in a row, and it's not pleasant to wake up feeling like you've done something wrong or like you had a million nightmares, even though you don't remember anything from your dreamless sleep. However, with some positivity and good things, I feel better. Now, I am going to share those things with you. 

The video above is 'Sja Sole' by Staut. I happened across Staut when I was trying to learn Norwegian. As you may have guessed, they are a Norwegian folk-type band. I still really like them, even though I can't understand a word.

Picardi Jewelers
This morning before I left for class, I found this jewellery shop on Etsy, where they specialize in antiquity rings. Some as far back as ancient Egyptians, like the one above. I love old things, because of the amazing history that they bear. Some just breathe stories and wonder. It's magnificent.

Finally, guess what? I had a hot dog today. It's not like it was my first hot dog, or anything. It just so happens that I've been craving hot dogs for weeks, and the hot dog buns from the Chinese bakery just don't cut it. I needed a real hot dog with ketchup and mustard and relish and... I got one! Delicious. I guess that's what happens when you don't eat anything all day and then after buying second hand frames the only immediately available source of food is a convenience store... Well. You bet I bought chocolate milk and a hot dog. So unhealthy... but so good. Sadly, I wasn't able to eat it until I got home, but it made the riding public transit during rush hour seem a little less horrible. Still... I don't smelly people pressing against me while I'm holding a heavy box of second hand items.

Now... To work on some more restraints, and my anatomy project! I finally got chain and frames and some delightful items to work with! Here's a taste of what I've been working on.
These restraints are 80% done, and are for my serial killer centred Ring of Power project. The two cuffs will be linked by a completely hand made chain, which will be able to unhook. They're going to be gorgeous when  they're finished. Until then!

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