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Wednesday Misadventures

Oh, the fun never ends. The day went something like this.
1] See a jack rabbit in the brush by the side of the road, nibbling on grass and shrubs. Become overwhelmingly delighted, and decide that you are happy that you decided to go to school, despite your recent lack of sleep.
Prairie State Outdoors

2] Commence soldering. Set hair on fire. This caused a chain of confusion, bewilderment, panic, calming, and feeling moderately shaken afterwards. Bangs are now layered and incredibly singed, and I was fortunate enough to smell burnt hair all day long.

3] Suffer a minor allergic reaction to the cuttlefish bones used in cuttlefish casting. The result was worth it, but I did not enjoy the minor rash which arose on my arm from the dust. This is the silver casting that I made.

4] Complete serial killer shackles, as well as a hollow construction double fox ring, and two fox pendants.

5] Cook a delicious supper. Pasta with white cheese sauce! Made entirely without a recipe, and with a perfect amount of Himalayan pink salt. Absolutely delicious!

Initially, it felt like the day started off a bit rough, thanks to the setting my hair on fire, and the allergic reaction (or was it just a sensitivity thing? Either way... discomfort!)... the day was pretty nifty!

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