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Comic Con #2

Comic Con is over, and it was a relative success. For my first year, it was actually pretty good. I met several fantastic people, including the lovely creator of Attic Raiders, and a cool independent comic artist. It's quite lovely when you can be in a place where you can have 10-minute long discussions about He-Man and She-Ra, get hi-fives from true a true and honourable Steampunk, and talk to friends from past years who make truly amazing items. The only downside to this year was the fact that it was almost too many people, most of which were only there for one purpose. It would be nice if more people devoted their weekend, and took the time to spend more minutes looking at new artists, who may one day be those bigger names that demand long lines. I ended up spending a lot more time at my booth than I had intended (which is why I had a support staff of one), but it was almost better. Several, several people took my photos since I am apparently an amazing Steampunk (thank you, personal twists and variations), and I talked to a few interesting people. I have to get into the habit of taking more photographs of wonderful costumes and commit to talking to people whom I find interesting. I'm not nearly enough of an extrovert. Quite the opposite.

At the moment, there is a 99% chance that I will be returning to the convention as a vendor in 2013. Perhaps I will run into the Quiet Steampunk or the furry who was being happily groomed. Oh, the true wonders of Comic Con, before it became overly full and congested, and the population of people dressed up is relatively minuscule. Oh, sigh. Dress up, people! Express your true fandom!

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