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Victorian Anatomy

For the final project in my anatomy drawing class, we were able to take creative liberties in how we utilized anatomy. I took a relatively traditional route, in depicting historical pieces that would have been found in some Victorian-era collections. The majority of the pieces were centred around the history of-, views on-, and protection against the Evil Eye. I included a couple pieces that would have been common to find in a mid-to-late 19th century house or home. In some pieces there is a bit of creative license concerning the historic content, but everything was heavily researched, and I didn't tweak anything unless it was heavily researched before hand.

Ideally, the space would be a bit different, or would be a full room, but for the situation of a classroom, it worked out okay. I utilized upholstery and bargain bin fabric to create somewhat of a "cut out" from the past. I'm quite fond of the fabric that I used for the "wallpaper". I'm probably going to make a dress or something out of the fabric, now that it's no longer being used for anything.

All in all, a delightful project. Not sure what to do with all of the individual pieces. I just wish that my colleagues/classmates had asked more questions about it during the critique. There had been a lot of extensive research put into everything. Right down to learning the Middle Latin alphabet, and some Ogham. Along with all of the things that I learned about the Evil Eye. And creating a small hair piece.

The mummified hand also smells like spices and herbs. Somewhat like a true mummy hand. Fun fact.

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  1. Excellent. Love to see a close up each piece with research notes.