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Happy Easter! (Darest I say... HOPPY?)

Hello again! I have returned from my mini sabbatical in the woods, and I'm as refreshed as ever. It was so nice to escape to the place where I grew up, and be taken care of for a few days. I left all of my things behind (except for my notebook and pens, and necessities like overnight things), and just relaxed. Home cooking, long walks in the foothills, and hours of reading. Not to mention my newly learned skill of bottom-spinning pool balls. I now have mud on my jeans and fresh air in my lungs, and I'm ready to get back to work. I have already started tea staining and ageing frames, and I couldn't feel better. I even have a wonderful selection of leftovers in my fridge, and tonight I will be cooking up some lovely lamb.

As for the photos you see, top to bottom...

'Divergent' by Veronica Roth. It's a really amazing book. I read half of it in two days, and I borrowed it so that I can finish reading it. It's a dystopia setting, and it's fantastic. It's primarily a young adult book (so easy to read!), but anyone can read it, and I recommend it. I can't quite explain it without giving anything away, but it's fantastic. Especially for those of you who enjoyed books like The Giver and The Uglies.

As for the little lamb... White Purdy's chocolate. It is a lamb. And it was white chocolate. It was very delicious.

And once again... Happy Easter to all of you!

Photo Credit: Lion & Bull

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