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Normally, I'm really bad about cooking for myself. Mostly out of laziness. However, since it is Easter, I cooked up some lamb. Meat isn't something that I normally cook, since I tend to under cook everything. I guess that that isn't such a huge issue... I just prefer to not have to put meat back on to keep cooking. Probably a laziness thing.

However.... Today I successfully cooked two delicious lamb chops. I used this meat rub that I have, and fried them up. After a bit, I threw in some mushrooms to fry, and some mint leaves. Add some garlic toast and green beans... YUM!

For dessert, I will have some chocolate and tea of sorts. However, not before...

Mint leaves to nibble anyone? Maybe I'm the only one who does that.... but I do really love eating fresh mint leaves. Delicious!

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