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Sat here day

Lame pun. Sitting? I did no such thing. Except for the brief bus ride. What a beautiful day today! For those of you in Calgary, you should be out soaking up the sun and having a wonderful day in this bustling city. Normally, I avoid going places on weekends, because it's so busy. However, today I took a special trip to 17th Ave. to go to the sales being put on by Dick & Jane's and Blame Betty. On the way home, I also stopped in Kensington to go to Hot Wax (as it's Record Store Day!) and The Rocket. The result of the entire day was such...

In the larger photo, we have (clockwise): Some business cards that I found delightful, A Mighty Wallet (made of Tyvek, and decorated with vintage tattoo designs), pale blue racer back tank top from Dick & Jane's, lovely peachy-tan-pink dress from Dick & Jane's, two record singles (The White Stripes & Karen Elson), and navy cardigan with anchor applique, with Rocket printed tank top inside.

The silvery swallow is part of the design on the tank top that I got printed at the Rocket. You may notice a trend in the things that I like. Tattoo designs and Sailor Jerry motifs, anyone?

Finally, I went grocery shopping and got some summery food, due to the wonderful summery weather we're having today. The weather called for a high of 16 degrees, with a chance of ice cream.

 What better than Ben & Jerry (my favourite ice cream brand, and a new flavour with a Canada pun name!) and a free hamburger? I managed to swipe the last one before they were all gone. It was an awful burger, but so fitting for such a glorious today.

Lastly, please enjoy some wonderful sunny summertime music! Happy Weekend everyone!

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