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A while ago, I did a post about Victorian clothing which could be utilized to create a Steampunk outfit. For those of you who don't know, Steampunk is a retro-futuristic subgenre which creates worlds in which the Victorian era is heavily science fiction based. Steampunk is interesting, because along with creating brand new spins on the era, the Victorians did have a great deal of authors who wrote science fiction and occult stories, which can be used to create Steampunk styles. Such authors include Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Steampunk utilizes a great deal of brass and leather, as well as sepia tones. These colours are not necessary, especially if you are creating your Steampunk alter ego to be someone who would have lived during the Victorian era. Fun fact, Victorians were quite fond of bright and rich colours (at least those who could afford it). Along with the colouration aspect of it, a great deal of Steampunk accessories and objects involve gears and goggles. You do not need either of these things to be Steampunk, and adding either of these things to a Victorian outfit does NOT make it Steampunk. It makes it Victorian, with some gears pasted on, or a Victorian person wearing goggles. That being said, these aesthetics can add a lot to the outfit, if it fits the character that you create. Like any retro-futuristic styles, creativity is best, and you should carefully think out the look and style that you desire, and do plenty of research before diving into common Steampunk looks. Goggles and gears can add a lot if it fits exactly what you want!

That being said, here are some great examples of people who invest a great deal of time in the pieces that they make, and are truly creative spins on science fiction Victorian. These people are the best people to talk to if you're interested in learning more about Steampunk, and how to create your own Steampunk alter ego.

Empress Jessamine
The Fancy Lamb
Brute Force Studios
Any Old Time
Steampunk is great because you can use all kinds of true vintage and antique items. Just be careful about the 19th century beaver felt top hats. I don't want anyone getting mercury poisoning...

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