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Calgary Comic Con #1

Just a quick update in the world of Grimm.... (fabrications).

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has been quite good thus far, though I'm not selling as much as I'd hoped. I will probably break even, which is okay, I guess. Just not ideal. Ha. However, seeing friends again and meeting lots of lovely individuals. Thanks to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Expo actually had to turn people away, due to the 45,000+ people inside the building. Fire hazard, y'know. Line ups snaking all the way across parking lots and out of sight. Yikes!

Tomorrow is the last day, and should be good. I plan to meet a few more people, network a bit, and trade some two-part silkscreen prints that I have. Here's hoping.

In other news, my mummified hand (not a real one!) went to a wonderful new home (or will be, on Sunday) and I couldn't be more thrilled. I always feel bad when friends buy my things, but at least I might be able to visit it on occasion.

Also, I apologize to any Comic Con go-ers (or anyone) who are upset by my wearing a fur pelt. I do care about animals, and don't support killing strictly for fur. My reasoning for such is the fact that I only wear the pelts of animals that I embrace and love with all my heart, as it's the closest I can get to the beauty of the real creature. I can't actually kill things without having a heavy conscience. I even have issues with killing spiders. Mosquitoes are another story... but I always feel sorry. However, I am proud of my spin on Steampunk, in adding a woodcutter/woods person spin. I call is Smokepunk, as my own little joke. It's so bizarre how many people photographed my outfit.

More tomorrow! xxGrimm

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