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Brutal \m/

The \m/ thing you see in the post title represents devil horns, as in the hand symbol you see metal heads at concerts doing. Why is this important or interesting? Well...

I went to my first hardcore metal concert! It was loud. And... bloody.

Not real blood, as you can imagine from the Oompa-Loompa skin colour, but I was still doused in it (along with everyone else in the relatively small concert venue. The headlining band was GWAR, who put on dramatic costumes and take on the persona of weird cross-dimensional aliens who kill exaggerated versions of historical figures and people. It is a bit... insane? Especially when you're in the front row, and they are spraying their weird watery fake blood and it's getting everywhere. I took care to cover my mouth and piercings and close my eyes every time. Whether or not it made a difference, I don't know. And that stuff stains. It took forever to scrub it out... and I haven't even bothered with my clothes yet. Good thing I chose to use worn out jeans and my awesome old school Scotty t-shirt.

Some of the openings bands were pretty cool. I really liked the band Cancer Bats, who were the second opening band. There were three openers, which is a lot. Especially when it's really loud and metal or at least scream-o type music. I was kind of miserable by the time GWAR took the stage, mostly because I was squished into the front railing and my ears were ringing. Those people who wear earplugs are geniuses. I just never think of it, but I should. 

In other, less metal, news...

I made beef stroganoff! 

I made it pretty much from scratch! I mean, I used canned mushroom soup for it, but nonetheless... So good! I'm always so proud of myself when I make more complicated meals, even if it a type of pasta. I want to try making quiche of some kind. Maybe some muffins.

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