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I like fashion. I'm a big fan of couture, runway, and anything to do with clothing that makes me drool. However, it causes me a great deal of pain. I'm a student, so it's not remotely realistic to buy high priced designer clothing. But the thing is... those clothes are so NICE.

Recently, I've been following this vlogger on YouTube who regularly talks about fashion. She shows off the clothing that she buys, and suggests make up and such. (for the record, her name is Brittani Louise Taylor, and she's an absolute ray of sunshine). Because of some of the videos on her beauty channel, I've discovered some amazing designers. One of which I'd known about before, but I hadn't bothered to investigate the photo that I'd found.

My favourite one thus far is a couture company called Wildfox Couture. Great name, right? I can't express how many I want a lot of the clothing. As I get older, I appreciate dark skinny jeans, slightly oversized tops and big sweaters. I like things that look vintage, but are new and go fabulously with my old combat boots. Maybe one day I'll do a blog on my day-to-day clothing, and just how gloriously fashionable I am (just kidding. But seriously, I try sometimes. I like to at least look pulled together). I do also like vintage clothing (do I ever), but designers like this just make me so very happy. I just wish that it wasn't so terribly expensive to have such glamorously comfy clothing.

One of Wildfox Couture's older collections, but I really adore these Marie Antoinette inspired photographs.

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