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Kitchen Adventures!

My day was a weird hybrid of productivity and non-productivity. I started off by seeing my brother off, after lending him my couch for a couple nights. This was really early in the morning, so after he left I watched episode two of Odd Folks Home (a spin off of Oddities, where it follows the quirky and unique individuals who frequent Obscura in New York) and then fell asleep for about two and a half hours. It was great, but I probably could have slept for the rest of the day if I'd stayed in bed. Since that's never a good idea, I got up and commenced preparation for making pretzel cookies. This was an assignment for art history. Our instructor is having us over for a textile-themed tea, and we have to make easy to eat snack or dessert food inspired by textiles. We also have to argue how it's textiles-based. I decided to feed (ha) off of my research project on navy textiles, and made cookies in the shape of sailor knots. I was going to do this with actual soft pretzels, but I didn't have yeast and I wanted to get going on it then. So instead... cookies! Did you know that making knots out of cookie dough is painstaking and kind of difficult? It is. Shocking, I know. 

I made my test run of cookies using a variety of knots. Cow hitch, figure eight, granny knot, sheep hitch (NOT easy), and a couple others. I found that slip knots were the easiest ones to fashion out of long bits of cookie dough. Result? They're delicious, as far as simple sugar cookies go. I'm toying with the idea of attempting to make caramel to put on them, and then make them salted caramel pretzel cookies. I probably won't, though, since right now they'd be perfect with tea (good dipping cookies, but not too crunchy), and if they're dressed up I'm worried about their being knots becoming even less recognizable. 

In other news, I went to Sun Terra to buy milk, and a couple of groceries. I went there because it's only two blocks away, and it's on Elbow Drive (such a beautiful walk, especially at this time of the year). Other than that, I really question whether or not I'll go there again, unless I desperately need something and don't want to walk further, or walk along McLeod Trail (less beautiful, especially at this time of the year). In my mind, Sun Terra is an organic food store, with things that you can't get from Safeway. In reality, it's just a more expensive version of Safeway, and they don't have good organic milk in glass bottles. The clerk was also kind of rude, in a passive aggressive type way. I don't like when people in service positions aren't polite or at least a little cheerful, because I tend to take it personally. It's what happens when people give you dirty looks for absolutely no reason. I don't really care, but my grocery money is helping pay their salary, so they should try to be nice, right? Any ways, Sun Terra is a less convenient grocery store than I thought or remembered. I don't really like paying more money for something that I know the exact price of elsewhere. At least there's a Safeway on the Elbow Drive bus route. I could always walk there and bus back. 

Now, just a quick song of the day. I was reminded of it today while making a long playlist for studying and writing my final. It's probably my favourite White Stripes song, and since tomorrow is the first day of December (!!), I feel like I can share it. It's technically a Christmas song, and it's my favourite Christmas song (though I am fond of Carol of the Bells). 


  1. I had a female tabby cat named Candy Cane when I was a little girl.

  2. I remember you mentioning that ^^