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Tattooed Madame (Tell me your story)

This is the second instalment of my series of works inspired by 19th century sideshow. This is a corset based on the tattooed women of the 1880s, and the stories they created to tell on stage. It was prompted by my thinking of alteration of one's self, for any reason. It kind of amazes me to think of these women letting or getting themselves get covered from head to toe in tattoos, especially at a time when such technology was only just making an appearance. It must have been a little bit painful... Still, they transformed themselves into living canvases, and joined a different world. It strikes me as brave.

This corset consists of two layers of heavy cotton, two layers of light canvas, plastic boning, red stitching, silk, fringe, ribbon, metal eyelets, and temporary tattoos placed on the cloth. I chose to use the fringe for its showgirl-burlesque ideas, and the fact that it also hides the hyper-feminine form created by a corset. Which, is my way of referencing the hiding of the tattooed skin, even by a disguise as revealing as a corset.

I already have my next work planned out, and I'm terribly excited to get working on it. It's going to be extraordinary. I hope. It's going to be strange, at the very least. Also, it will be challenging, because I am going to try to fit it to someone else. A little hint- it is inspired by male sideshow performers, such as escape artists, human blockheads, human pincushions, and the like. Some of these didn't exist in their form that they do today, but I want to link the past to the present, while making other links and discussions. Due to the fact that it is a piece about men, I am making a male garment. Usually, I would make the garments to fit myself. However, I am not a man, so I will be fitting it to someone who is. As I have it envisioned, this work is going to be absolutely beautiful. Silkscreen, satin, buckles... OOOOH I can barely wait to get to work!

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