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The Knicker Misadventures- Goth

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I've been posting comics or images daily on my Facebook page for The Knicker Misadventures, and this is one of my favourite ones thus far. It is based off of something that a friend of mine said (that goths should wear sombreros, to protect from the sun). Thus, I created a stereotypical goth character named Goth. Truth be told, this keeps making me laugh like crazy, because the idea of a goth wearing a sombrero makes me giggle. It just brightens my day.

And this is an acrylic on paper painting of Goth. It strikes me as a sad painting that a sad goth would paint. Maybe not of themselves, but just in general.

In other news, I'm planning to make art dolls of all of the characters. It's just a matter of going home for Christmas first, since I have a bunch of soft stuffing there, and I may as well use that instead of buying more. I'm really lazy, apparently. Nonetheless, I have so many plans for The Knicker Misadventures. Is it weird that I'm commercializing before I've even published a comic or anything? It's not really about the comic, though. It's just a creative outlet in which I can create more things and a greater variety of simultaneously light  hearted and gothic things. There's so little limit to what I can do with The Knicker Misadventures. Paper dolls, mini sombreros, art dolls, t-shirts, prints, knickers, clothing items based off of characters (and their historical/actual inspiration)... Ooooh this is a time where I haven't painted myself into a corner! The weird thing is, it's going to be a bizarre Quentin Blake- Ralph Steadman- Emilie Autumn- art history textbook- Wildfox Couture- my world type cacophony hybrid mix of neat things and characters. At least I know what I'm being influenced by, which is good.

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