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The Knicker Misadventures

For those you keeping score on my 12 Months of Alice blog, you are aware of the fact that I have made substantial progress in my graphic novel-esque project The Knicker Misadventures. Since the Leeches short yesterday, I have written three more, and they are beautiful. I'm not sure that they have a plot or anything, but I'm quite pleased with the art.


To view larger image, open in a separate window. I think it's in your best interest... Unless you have super microscopic vision or something.

I'm quite happy with how this series is going. I have so many ideas for these characters. I mean, I want to do everything from embroideries to create clothing based on the characters. Etsy shop coming soon, methinks...

Side note- I had to do some housecleaning, so my first hundred or so blog posts have been deleted. I still have the images elsewhere, but since I want to keep bringing new things to the table, I think that I will let bygones be bygones and let new things in! Also, there's only so much storage on my Blogger account (bummer)... But I did find a way to get around the storage issue! I just though I'd mention this, in case any one is trying to find the first blog I ever posted. I don't want any extreme disappointment.

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  1. I copied and pasted the pages into Publisher to be able to read them. Copying them into Word was only partially successful.
    I like the page set up and your dry sense of humour.