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Zombie Awareness Month

The Month of May is Zombie Awareness Month. During this time, individuals should wear grey ribbons, to spread awareness of the inevitable walking dead.

Photo credit: Worldofweirdthings
Nowadays, zombies are relatively common place in media and pop culture. There are countless movies, books, graphic novels, events, and paraphernalia which involve zombies, and many are fearful of when the zombie uprising will occur.

The first true introduction of zombies (as we know them today) was in 1968. Night of the Living Dead was made by George A. Romero, and presented a scene in which the dead came back to life, to seek out victims and gnaw on the flesh of the living. Since then, zombies have moved away from the traditional Voodoo Zombi to the flesh craving walking dead, whom we have all come to love.

There are still many misconceptions about zombies. Most of which are presented in ways that don't make sense, based on pure logic. For this month, I will attempt to give at least one helpful tidbit about zombies, so that you, dear reader, may be better prepared for the forthcoming uprising. All of these tidbits are based on personally opinion, and could be argued, but they give me comfort.

Tid bit #1: Zombies cannot wield weapons, unless it is secured to their body in any way. Zombies do not have a great deal of muscle control, and even if they did, would likely not bother carrying something around. Unless it was an arm or a leg or a delicious hunk of human.

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  1. If they're dead, why are they hungry all the time ?
    Just saying.