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Artist of the Day (No. 2)

Two of my favourite things are steampunk culture and taxidermy. In general, I'm overly fond of taxidermy, whether it be bits of dead animals, or fully mounted pieces. I don't believe in killing for the heck of it, and there's certain types of fur that I won't wear or use, but I adore the appearance of the textures found in animals. Having grown up in the foothills of a mountain and then moving to the vast prairie, I have an appreciation for all beasts, big and small. I admit, I have a weird way of showing it. At least I vastly learn about different animals and have seen a lot of them in nature.

Cutting to the chase. I'm not really intending on having an actual artist of the day, but it just happened that I found this amazing artist. I was reading some posts on a Steampunk group site that I'm part of, and found the page about Steampunk Animals. Intrigued by the combination of two of my greatest adorations, I clicked and followed, and ended up finding the full portfolio of an artist named Lisa Black. She is a New Zealand artist, and combines the aesthetics and ideals of steampunk with taxidermy. The result? Behold.

Fixed - Fawn
Black uses two main components: Natural taxidermy and metal pieces (including watch parts and miscellaneous hardware). Truly stunning work.

And for good measure, here is her official website (I'm sharing it here because it took a lot of digging and clicking to find it).

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