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Speaker-ing of...

For my 20th birthday, my brother gave me new speakers (I know, right?!?!). I was a bit stunned and confused, but overall completely thrilled. Today, I finally cracked them open and gave the speaker set a spin.

I didn't take this picture, but it expresses my feelings towards the speakers.
The speakers themselves are Logitech, and they're a four-part system. It even has a subwoofer. I have DREAMED of owning a subwoofer. With the plugins available, I can use the speakers on my computer (as I am right now), CD player, or my MP3 player. I could even plug my earphones into the control pod. Not sure why, but hey, maybe it makes the sound even better.

To be really cool (and to test my skills in terms of directly uploading unedited films), I filmed the speakers playing, to give an idea of the great sound. Ironically (ish), filming on a camera gives the worst sound ever, so you really can't tell that there's anything overly special happening. HOWEVER, I will say that the sound is incredible, and feeling vibrations on my floor is the greatest thing ever.

For good measure, the song being played is 'Hounds of Love' by The Futureheads.

It's so great!

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