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Steampunk is something that has become a major part of my everyday life. In researching the 19th century, in listening to music created by other steampunks, and in reading graphic novels and books... and more. It all sprouted from meeting an exceptionally lovely steampunk artisan (whom is responsible for AtticRaiders)... well, it sprouted well before then, but after going to this year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and meeting a good range of heavily invested steampunks, I became dedicated to creating my own character, learning more, and getting involved. Funny what happens when you get a bizarre amount of attention from people because of how you are dressed (putting one's own spin on styles is wonderful!).

International Steampunk Day is a mere two weeks away. The date is June 14th, placed on H.G. Wells' would-be birthday. This has only heightened my desire to learn and create, and create and learn. 

I've decided to share with you two wonderful Steampunk related things. One is a musical group, and the other is a comic.

First of all, Steam Powered Giraffe. These are some very, very, talented automatons. They started as a trio of street performers, who would don turn of the last century clothing and fashion themselves into humanoid robots, and sing. The harmonies are absolutely beautiful. Some of their lyrics are quirky and amusing, while others are heartfelt and beautiful. Their performance adds to the experience, and almost makes it. I love harmonies to begin with, but when those harmonizing have turned themselves into automatons... WELL!
Here's a taste...

As for reading material... Recently I learned of the comic series Girl Genius. Needless to say, you have to start from the beginning, and keep reading and reading and reading. It's highly addictive, and wonderful. It has so many great aspects. Clockwork robots, airships, mad science, bizarre creatures, smart girls... and more. I shan't give any more away. 
This is the first page from the comic. I didn't want to choose an arbitrary page or just a general image. Hopefully it will entice you...

Enjoy and enjoy further. If you have any knowledge of steampunk literature, art, music, anything, please share! I'm always delighted to hear and see what other people are finding. 

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