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Cat in a dryer!
To begin, I don't know where this image comes from. I do, but, being me, I didn't want to commit to reading a blog, and I just wanted a semi-quirky image of a cat. Apparently that's what I do when I'm trying to make up for lack of blogging/posting.

I'm never really sure how many people actually keep up with my blog, or keenly check it every single day in hope of something new. Personally, there are very few blogs that I do that with myself, simply because I have better things to do. Y'know. Like not posting in my own blog. I used to check some semi-frequently, mostly because I'd be waiting for class and there would be nothing better to do. Eventually, I got to the point of finding other stuff to do, like embroidering or sewing small things or anything remotely useful and tactile, really. It seemed like, and really is, a better use of my time.

Of late, I do spend quite a bit of time on the internet, but I'm being a bit secretive about the things I find. Why? Well, it's a secret.

Seriously, though, I'm doing a bunch of research for a potential comic/graphic novel series, and I don't want to give away all of these super amazing cool phenomenous (trademark!) things that I'm learning about. I'm kind of a horrible person, that way. I have this thing about always knowing more than other people (and being able to show it), but I never want to share what I learn with people. That is why all of my cool sculptural art effects that I know will likely go to the grave with me. I only fleetingly mention how-to to people who ask, and even then, I tend to leave out crucial details. Apparently researching is like that. I'll give small tid-bits, and then get weirdly defensive when the person I told starts looking into it more. I mean, sure, the information is out there, but I found it first.

Again with the cats. LOLCATS!

Then again, "first" is kind of a general and relative term. I guess I found it first among the people I know. I just have issues with people looking into things that I told them about. It seems that this would be primarily because of the fact that there is very little information that I get from other people that I look into extensively. The only cases when I do are the times when I'm fairly certain that I know something (and the person is wrong about it), so I read it into extensively until I can ask them difficult questions, thus testing them.

I just realized, that I have no idea where this long rant came from. I started with excusing myself for not being very good about being consistent with blogging daily. I have a job now, okay?!

Fun fact: Zombie Awareness Month is almost over, and I really haven't kept up with my promise of giving daily zombie tid-bits. However, I will say that I did find the flaw in most individuals' zombie apocalypse survival plans. I'll dig that up later and show it. Probably on the 30th or whatever the last day of this month is.

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