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Improvisational Baking

One of my many outstanding talents is to improvise when baking. Including using pasta pots as mixing bowls, cooking in toaster ovens, and taking liberties with ingredients. Today, I attempted Chocolate Oh Henry Bars, from Company's Coming.

Reasons for mild failure. 1) Not enough graham crackers 2) Failing to notice the note on the top of the graham cracker crumbs, and therefore being without.

The squares were supposed to look like this (in an ideal world, of course).

Mmmmm delicious! Mine ended up looking like this...
It tastes good (probably because it's 1/3 butter x_x), but I think that, in this state, its true place is on vanilla ice cream. Nom nom nom.

Now, off to do something productive-ish. Whether that means packing, playing Wii, or going outside. Funday! Kind of.

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