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What dreams are made of

A couple mornings ago, I kept waking up and falling back to sleep. This is mostly because I don't have actual curtains, so I kept being awoken by sunshine. Not a bad way to be woken up. Just... maybe not at eight in the morning (after staying up until 12 o'clock). During this time, I kept capturing snippets of bizarre dreams. One of these dreams was nothing but the faces of well known fairy tale princesses, only their faces kept morphing into weird monster masks. Masks like these ones (and miscellaneous other tribal masks. Not just Chinese):

Due to silliness and tiredness and overall laziness, I didn't sketch out any of my dream images or ideas. Later, I wrote it down, but it didn't seem as pure. It didn't even seem worth doing anything with. That is when I doodled this:

It's still not really what I had in mind, and I need to do more thinking and research. As it was in the dream, it seemed like a fantastic idea, and sure to take shape. It's in desperate need of more time and thinking.

Perhaps dreaming as well... And with that. To bed!

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